?How To Make New Clients FALL IN LOVE With You

The 6-Step Onboarding Process That Will Make Your New Copywriting Clients ADORE You!
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First impressions are EVERYTHING. So how do you make your new clients ADORE you, and want to pay you again and again and again?

This week’s video is in response to quite a few of you asking… “Alex how do I start working with a new copywriting client?”

Well let me tell ya, there is a right way to do it, and there’s wrong to do it. Finding prospective clients can be hard enough as it is, so when you do find one, you want to make an AMAZING first impression.

So I’m going to share my exact process that you can follow to not only make your clients say “Yes!” but have them FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. 

These 6 steps will ensure clear communication, fair compensation, and a productive working environment for both you and your client.

►► Get My Free Statement of Work Template here: http://www.alexcattoni.com/sow/


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