3 Ways to Save Time on Email Outreach (Quickly Reach More Bloggers and Influencers!)

Email outreach is necessary if you want more social shares, links, search engine traffic, and customers.

The problem with email outreach is time-consuming. Here’s how you streamline it so you don’t have to waste too much time:

Step #1: Use Yesweare – this tool allows you to create template based emails and it shows you who opens up your emails.

This is really important because when you do outreach you don’t want to keep sending emails to people who aren’t opening them up. And you don’t want to keep sending the same email to people who open up your email but don’t respond.

Lastly, through Yesware you can schedule emails so they are sent during optimal times.

Step #2: Use Boomerang – if people don’t respond within a specific amount of time, it automatically follows up.

This way you won’t have to waste your time with follow up.

The cool part about Boomerang is if someone does respond it can stop the “autoresponse” and then you can take over the communication.

Use those two tools and you will save time with your email outreach.
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