4 Facebook Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement on Your Page | How Often Should You Post?

Being on Facebook isn’t enough, you need to actually post daily!

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Being on Facebook isn’t enough.

If you’re not posting on there, no one’s gonna end up knowing about you or your business.

First off, you should be posting daily, and ideally, you should be posting multiple times a day. It could be two times, three times. You don’t wanna be posting more than five or 10 times.

You can if you have really amazing content that’s getting high engagement. But in general, the more often you post, the less engagement you’re gonna get per post.

Secondly, you wanna look at your Facebook Insights to see what time of the day people are on your page and what time they’re engaging. You want to be posting during those specific times.

For example, on my Facebook page, I’ve noticed that I get a ton of engagement in the mornings. Due to that, I post more frequently in the morning. When I post at night I don’t get as much engagement, so I don’t post as frequently at night. Then you wanna make sure you’re spacing out your posts.

So if you post one post right now, you don’t wanna post the next one an hour from now. Spread them out at least two to three hours, if not four hours plus, right?

Don’t space them out an hour between each post. Make sure they’re at least two to three hours, and, again, ideally over four hours.

Last but not least, target your fans. What I mean by this is people are gonna be following you from different countries and different languages.

So if you’re posting something that only makes sense to people who speak English, make sure you choose the targeting option in which you can choose the country or the language that limits who sees it.

By doing that, the right type of people will see your content, and it’s much more likely to go viral. Follow those steps, and you’ll get much more engagement on your Facebook posts.
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