6 Top Credit Cards that Pay me $1,000+ Per Month Cashback

In this video, I am going to go over the top 6 credit cards for high cashback in 2022! A combination of these cards earns me over $1,000 per month in rewards and cash back, and they are my top picks for credit cards to get for rewards and travel.

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Learning the system of credit and playing the game has been really fun, as it’s allowed me to access many things like free flights, huge discounts on purchases, and tons of cash back. I’ll take you through the top 6 credit cards for 2022, as well as how these cards can help you.

Not every card on this list will be meant for you, and please do your research before signing up for a credit card.

Some credit cards cost money in the form of an annual fee, but offer huge incentives for signing up (sign up bonus). Premium cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve have their annual fee offset by the credits you receive, just as priority pass, a $300 annual travel credit, TSA precheck, and more. Other cards don’t have an annual fee but boast rotating categories, a flat high percent cashback, or other features that make those cards perfect for some people.

If you found this video helpful and you want to support the channel, please be sure to leave a LIKE and subscribe, and share it with anyone that you know who could benefit from it! My goal is to give you guys a list of super solid credit cards for you guys to look into so that you guys can plan out your credit card game to reap all the rewards. As they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” so I think you should always know what credit card you’re going to apply for next and how it can help you save more money while you’re making your day to day purchases.

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Happy spending and reward building!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day


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0:25 – Credit Card #6
2:01 – Credit Cards #5 & 4
4:16 – Credit Card #3
5:58 – Credit Card #2
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Topics covered:
Best cash back credit cards for 2022
Which credit card should I get?
Top no annual fee credit cards
Top credit cards for high rewards and cash back
Top travel credit cards


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