Becoming an ENTREPRENEUR: My Story

This might sound weird, but… I became an entrepreneur by accident. I didn’t PLAN to ever start my own business — though, in retrospect, it’s not really that surprising…

I was homeschooled, growing up, and, as I got older, I really looked forward to going to college, getting a job, and just generally “getting out of the house.” I wanted to explore, be a part of a team, and climb the corporate ladder.

But I think doing my own thing was in my blood. My dad has run his own business my entire life, so not having a boss was my norm. And being homeschooled (in fact, homeschooling *myself* from 5th grade on — though that’s another story…) only reinforced my independent streak.

By the time I was about old enough to “get a job,” my entrepreneurial destiny unavoidable.

In this video, I share the story of how I started my first business (yes, on accident ?) and how that led to where I am today.

And, by the way: I started that first “business” at age 14. So if you’ve ever felt like you aren’t old enough, experienced enough, qualified enough, or any other version of imposter syndrome… well, I think my story can cure you of that because I started WAY before I was ready.

Watch the video and share YOUR story in the comments — I love hearing how entrepreneurs got their start!

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