[Case Study] $1 Million in a YEAR from Print on Demand w/ Michael Shih

See Michael’s actual winning products from a print on demand store that made $1 million/year+!
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QUESTION: What is Print On Demand?

ANSWER: It is kind of a form of dropshipping. Print On Demand is when you take a piece of artwork, and you use an app like Printful (which works with a Shopify store) to place that artwork on items that customers purchase (t-shirts, hoodies, mugs etc) and to print them. Printful will then ship these items out directly to the customer.

QUESTION: What sorts of artwork and designs work best for Print On Demand?

ANSWER: The best designs are those that target a very passionate niche. Michael Shih from Print Profits targeted the gothic fashion niche. Using the Facebook insight tool he was about to see that over 2 million users were interested in it. It also helps if you can move into a secondary niche: in this case, the sugar skull niche was related and customers passionate about one niche tended to be passionate about that niche too.

QUESTION: How can you scale Facebook ads to huge profits with Print On Demand?

ANSWER: When scaling Facebook ads, you can scale horizontally (split testing different ads, using different creatives like images) or you can scale vertically (increasing the budget). Michael Shih from Print Profits made over a million dollars in a year from his Print On Demand store by doing both. He was able to massively increase the amount of money per order by adding in a product upsell funnel. He took the money he made, and invested it into his Facebook ad scaling spend.

QUESTION: Where can you find artwork to use for Print On Demand products?

ANSWER: You can use image sites like Shutterstock and iStockPhotos. You can also hire an artist to make an original design for you. Make sure that you have the rights to resell and to use it for commercial products. An artist will usually charge you more if you plan to use their artwork like that. If you don’t do this, your Print On Demand store could be sued for copyright infringement.

QUESTION: What are some unique items you can print onto that convert well?

ANSWER: Most people think to sell t-shirts, hoodies and mugs. But did you know that you can print onto shot glasses, wine glasses and jewelry? Michael Shih from Print Profits has found that these convert very well.

QUESTION: What are some unique ways to run tests to find winning products?

ANSWER: Michael has some interesting strategies that he uses:

* He creates Facebook ads targeting engagement. He then adds images of 4 products and asks the viewer “which do you like the most?”

* Once he’s built up a customer email base, he will email them and do a poll on what types of items they would like.

* He runs an ad that is promoting a giveaway, but instead of sending them directly to the product page for the free-just-pay-shipping offer, he sends them to a Shopify collection page. He then see’s which products people add in addition to their cart the most, and runs ad campaigns for those products.

QUESTION: What mistakes do new dropshippers make with their Print On Demand Stores?

ANSWER: Here were some of the biggest mistakes newbies make that Michael identified:

1) They find a winning product and they stop testing new products. They find a winning t-shirt design but they don’t test the design onto different types of products, like leggings, and lose a lot of money they could be making.

2) They try and scale their Facebook ads too quickly. If you try and scale your ads too fast, Facebook does not collect enough data during the learning phase and the ad “dies off.”

3) Not having a funnel in-place. Michael Shih from Print Profits was able to make over a million dollars in a year because he has a funnel which upsells customers to more items. Once you find a winning item, put in an upsell funnel ASAP.
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