Here’s EXACTLY how much I made from YouTube in 2018 (Not Clickbait)

Here’s EXACTLY how much a small, part time YouTuber makes in a year from YouTube…so lets break down my ad revenue and all income sources. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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When it comes to the income I’m about to show you, how much money I make from YouTube is divided in a few categories:
1. The first is YouTube Ad Revenue. This is what I get paid every time an ad plays on one of my videos…and this is paid out by Google Adsense only a monthly basis.
2. The second is my revenue from the program I have created called “The Real Estate Agent Academy.” This is a video program consisting of over 100 videos that teaches people how they can earn a six figure career working as a real estate agent.
3. My third source of revenue is speaking engagements, where people will pay me to travel and discuss either real estate or social media.
4. My fourth source is revenue is my consulting calls. Typically, most of my calls are analyzing real estate deals, working through hurdles as a real estate agent, or helping someone grow their social media account.
5. My fifth source of income comes from those Amazon Affiliate Links you also see in the description that link to my favorite books.

All of this is VERY much a snowball effect that keeps growing the more you do it. Plus the more videos you have, the more views you get, and the more you make…every single video posted just adds to that video backlog for people to enjoy. So who knows if this trajectory continues, maybe it will, maybe it won’t…but I’ll definitely report back a year from now and let you know how this turned out.

So with that said, enjoy the video. Nothing held back, no secrets, this is how much I made from YouTube so far in 2018!

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