Here’s How MKBHD is DOMINATING YouTube – Marques Brownlee

How is MKBHD beating the algorithm? How much does MKBHD make on YouTube? In this video we dig a little deeper into the story of Marques Brownlee…

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MKBHD may be busy right now giving us his new videos on the Ipad 2020 and 2020 Macbook air but how about we review him for a change?

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Video notes

Marques Brownlee, or as he’s more often known as, MKBHD really has lived the YouTube dream. He started off as a kid in his bedroom, making videos on his webcam with a passion for reviewing tech. Fast forward to 2020 and Marques runs one of the biggest tech channels in the worlds and hangs out with the likes of Elon Musk.

After experimenting with YouTube throughout 2008, Marques uploaded his first real video in January 2009. A review of a remote control for his HP laptop which he had just got for Christmas. Although no one was watching, this was the start of something special. Over the next 2 months he would pump out 100 videos, uploading 2 or 3 times a day.

Factor number 1 is how MKBHD is killing the YouTube algorithm through search rankings. He has a video tutorial which got more views than his others. These extra views came from his video ranking in the YouTube search for a keyword that was seeing heavy traffic on that particular day. Being one of the first to upload and a targeting the keyword meant Marques’ video was on the first page of YouTube results for this search

Factor number 2 is the fact that MKBHD is a GOAT reviewer. So Ranking on YouTube is all well and good but at the end of the day, the value you bring is the most important thing. MKBHD is of course a tech review channel, so what makes him such a good reviewer? Why do we always check his opinion out before buying a product? How does he have this much influence?

Factor number 3 is how Marques Brownlee is constantly evolving his production value. I’m going to put it out there, Marques has the best-looking videos on YouTube. He shoots in 8k resolution, his audio is crystal clear, the colour grading is minimal but beautiful and he really tries to incorporate as much realism as possible into his video. He wants you to feel like you’re using the phone or laptop yourself.

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My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video!

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