Here’s How Mr Beast BLEW UP – How He Grew His YouTube Channel (Part 2)

How did Mr Beast get his start on YouTube? What made his channel blow up overnight?

Last week we covered the tactics Mr Beast was using to grow his channel by over 1 million subscribers every month. In this video we find how he grew when he had 0 subscribers.

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It’s been a crazy two weeks since I uploaded my last video, here’s why Mr Beast is a genius. It was clear that you guys enjoyed this video, but I got a lot of comments asking me to cover Mr Beasts early beginnings and how he first gained momentum.

The first thing Mr Beast did that really sparked his growth on YouTube was he took the focus away from himself. Now this may seem counter intuitive so let me explain. It was when he started making videos on trending topics and other large Youtubers he started to see his first traction.

Ok now onto lesson 2 from Mr Beast’s early beginnings on YouTube and that is to experiment and innovate with your content. When people hear the word innovate, they usually think of Elon Musk or Steve jobs, not some kid from North Carolina who taped himself together but hear me out.

The last lesson from Mr Beast’s start on YouTube is a simple one. He started with what he had. Simple as that.. So many upcoming creators put off making content for so many reasons, myself included, one of the main things I hear is ‘’I don’t have this camera, I don’t have the skills, this editing software’’ and so on.

I hope this video shows you how it is possible to grow on YouTube with 0 subscribers

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video!

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