Here’s why David Dobrik is a GENIUS – How He Grew On YouTube

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Ever wonder how David Dobrik grew his YouTube channel? Did he start on vine and how much money does he make? In this video we get to the bottom of David Dobrik’s rise to the top of YouTube!

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Video Notes

On the surface, David may just seem like a guy who got his lucky break, however in this video we are going to dig a little deeper and find out exactly how he grew his channel to a staggering 15.6 million subscribers. If you’ve always dreamed of starting and growing your own channel stay tuned for a YouTube masterclass from David Dobrik.

This brings us back to David’s early beginnings as a creator and I’m sure most of you know it didn’t start on YouTube. He began creating content on the now shutdown platform that we all remember, Vine.Vine helped build an audience for him of over 1 million followers, but also taught him about things like brand deals, content algorithms and the power of collaborations

David Dobrik’s roots in vine also leads into our second factor which is how he has evolved the vlog. I remember the first time I saw one of David’s videos I thought this isn’t a vlog it’s just an elaborate vine compilation, and then I realized that was the point. Just because the platform died didn’t mean people’s demand for short funny sketches did too.

Factor 3 is all about the vlog squad and how David uses his friends to add dimensions to his videos. David’s vlogs have been described as like a YouTube sitcom. We all know the vlog squad, a collection of other famous former viners who all feature regularly in David’s videos.

Finally, David Dobrik is outsmarting the YouTube algorithm by getting very high CTR rates and watch time, despite going against a lot of what we believe is best practices for creators.

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video!

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