how to avoid the #1 mistake beginners make on medium

If you want to earn money by writing on Medium, you need to be curated. Curators will make sure your story is read by hundreds or potentially thousands of people, none of whom might follow you. Reads mean money.

All good stuff! However, lots of beginners on MEdium fall into the number one trap right away: CURATION JAIL. Curation jail means when curators look at three of your stories and decide they don’t meet the criteria.

After three, that’s it. They don’t look at your stories any more. It’s MUCH harder to get going.

If you’re waiting to start writing on Medium, watch this video to learn:
– how to avoid the 3 most common mistakes that lead you to curation jail
– how to get out of curation jail once you’re in it
– how to write good, curatable stories!

Credit to BENSOUND for this funky bop, which I loved!

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So much love to you writing folks!
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