How to Find and Add an Image to Your Medium Blog Post – 2 Methods!

If you want to know how to add a picture to your Medium blog post, this video will walk you through two methods.

First, you can use Medium’s own inbuilt Unsplash functionality. This is the easiest way, because you don’t even have to leave Medium to find a great image, AND it comes with the photo credits already embedded.

However, it’s a little limited in choice and I personally find the search tool hard to use. So I have also added in my personal favorite option – using Pexels. You can use Pexels to search for the perfect image, download it, and upload it into your Medium story.

You can also use this method to upload your own photos into Medium.

In both options, just make sure to use proper accreditation to ensure the photographer gets credit – even if that photographer is you! A simple phrase like “Photo source: author” is enough to make Medium’s curators happy.

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Thank you to Apple’s iMovie music for the soundtrack. And thank you to Jim Porter for asking this question!
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