How to Make Passive Income with Crypto 2022 (Step by Step)

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In this video, I go over 4 strategies on how to make passive income with crypto. These strategies pay 100-10,000X the returns of a traditional bank and range from beginner friendly to more advanced strategies.

Nowadays, banks give out really bad interest rates averaging out at 0.06%, which is why I made this video so that you guys can start having your money work for you instead of losing that to inflation.

Be sure to watch through the whole video for a full explanation and walkthrough of how these methods work. There are tons of different ways to make passive income with crypto, but I’ve done the research and these are my top picks for safe and easy methods to make passive income and beat inflation.

Resources we talked about in this video:

OnJuno (high interest checking account):
Kucoin (Staking crypto):
Nicehash (crypto mining platform):
PancakeSwap (yield farming):

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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – The Risks
0:29 – The Goal
0:45 – Method #1: Onjuno
2:40 – Onjuno Walkthrough
4:10 – Method #2: Staking
5:40 – Kucoin Walkthrough
7:22 – Method #3: Mining
9:33 – Nicehash Walkthrough
11:06 – Method #4: Yield Farming
14:02 – PancakeSwap Walkthrough
15:39 – Final Thoughts
16:02 – Outro


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