I got a Lamborghini for a Youtube Ad

I got a Lamborghini for a YouTube ad. Here’s how much I made. Enjoy. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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With the booming popularity of YouTube and the increase of using fast cars and props to sell product, have you ever wondered just how much money these ads generate? Have you ever been curious how much MORE you can make if you’re just driving a Lamborghini? Well, I found out.

A year ago, I created a program called “The Real Estate Agent Academy,” which teaches real estate agents how to grow their business and make more money. And guess what…I have never run ads to sell that program.

But, that left me wondering….what would happen if I ran an ad on YouTube to promote my product, and would that increase my sales? Even more so…what if I had a bright yellow Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. Would that give viewers the extra inspiration to buy my product so they, too, can get a Lamborghini?

So I tested it out.

In total, I spent $481.48 running a the YouTube Lamborghini ad, that brought me 11,729 views – and of those people, 22% watched the ad. In terms of sales numbers, though, it actually was fairly impressive – $2,970 in gross sales, in 48 hours. That left me with a net profit of $2488.52, in 2 days.

But how much of this was actually due to the Lamborghini?

Test 2: Instead of having a flashy Lamborghini in the background, I was just going to be myself and film an honest video.

I spent just $66.99 on running the second ad for 24 hours. Because I decided to go with a low budget, mostly because I was concerned more people would get angry and unsubscribe, the video only reached 2660 views. Of those 2660 views, 30% of people watched the ad – that was 36% HIGHER than with the Yellow Lamborghini.

But here’s where the surprising results come in – even though I only spent $66.99 and that video only got 2660 views…that ad generated $2376 in TOTAL SALES, in 24 hours, for a net profit of $2309.01.

With the Lamborghini ad, each view I received made a net profit of 21 cents. This means for every $1 I spent in ads with a Lamborghini, I made $6 back. That’s a 600% ROI…which sounds impressive, until you hear this.

With the non Lamborghini ad, each view I received made a net profit of 86 cents. This means for every $1 I spent with ads, WITHOUT a Lamborghini, I made $35 back…that’s a 3500% ROI.

This test isn’t complete because there was one flaw with these ads that I soon realized: even though these sales numbers are impressive, in the ad, I discounted my program by $200 to give an incentive to make the sale, which works out to be nearly 40% off – and at that price, I felt like it would naturally just sell itself, even without running an ad.

So I had to compare this with ONE more test: how much would I sell offering $200 off, but WITHOUT spending a single dollar on advertising? Well, look no further than Instagram.

So how effective was a quick, to the point, swipe up story on instagram, discounting the program $200, compared to an ad on YouTube offering the same discount? Or an ad on YouTube with a flashy Yellow Lamborghini in the background?

In 24 hours, with $0 ad spend, that swipe-up instagram story generated $6831 in sales, organically.

But it was through this experience, that I realized the best way to sell a product isn’t through fancy advertisements, it isn’t through expensive cars, and it isn’t through designer props. Instead, it’s by building an organic audience from the foundation of trust, value, honesty, and total transparency – once that happens, products and services sell themselves.

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