Let’s talk EVERYTHING publications on Medium!

Hello there you! Thanks so much for checking out my video. Today, it’s all about Medium publications.

We’re going to get into:
1. Should you let someone syndicate your blog post? What does that even mean?

2. How can you create the “column” features that Medium publications have?

3. How did I end up in two AMAZING columns in Storius and Better Marketing on Medium?

4. How do you submit to Medium publications like The Startup, P.S. I Love You, or even bigger Medium publications like Forge, GEN, or Human Parts?

5. Should you start your own publication?

All of these questions were submitted by folks, so thank you very much to those individuals!

Special shoutout to my Patreon subscriber Jayne who asked two great questions about publications which inspired me to do a whole video on them!

If you want to become one of my patrons, the link is patreon.com/zulierane.

Thank you to BenSound for the music!
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