My Checklist to Get Into ANY Medium Publication – 4 steps

You know what one of the biggest milestones in your Medium journey is? Getting into your dream publication.

It means you’ve written something that someone else says is “good” enough to be in with other pieces about the same topic. This video is your guide to writing stories publications will be desperate to get their hands on.

It’s one of the hardest things to achieve for two reasons. One, some Medium publications are REALLY exclusive and difficult to get into. Two, getting into a publication means you have to learn to write in a way that other people accept.

So why bother?

Because publications have access to two things you don’t.

One, an audience. Many publications already have hundreds or even thousands of followers, unlike most of us!

Two, if a publication likes your story enough, they can send it out in a feature called “letters” – basically a Medium newsletter. Individual writers can’t do this, but publications can.

This video will teach you how to write stories that Medium publications will not only accept but will have them actually asking you if they can include them.

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