My Desk Setup Tour – Working From Home

My clean and minimal DIY Desk Setup tour. Working from home means I need a productive workspace, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This is my ultimate Instagram / work from home setup, with a full walk-through of my desk including Ikea Alex drawers, oak worktop, Autonomous chair and more.

Everything on my desk can be found here:

Check out my TV SETUP TOUR:

Are you currently working from home? Does my cheap Ikea hack/setup give you any ideas?

Thanks for watching, Chris

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00:00 Working From Home Desk Setup
00:55 Desk
03:05 Lights
03:31 Shelf and Accessories
05:51 Chair
07:28 Laptop/MBP
09:02 Cable Management
09:44 Monitor
10:26 Plans for 2020 & Summary

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