Revealing My Entire $6 Million Investment Portfolio | 29 Years Old

Here is a breakdown of my entire investment portfolio, why I made each investment, and how I was able to build this up over 12 years – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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First: A single family rental property bought in 2012
This was purchased through several years of savings as a real estate agent, and purchased as a short sale near the bottom of the market

Second: Another single family rental property bought in 2012
This was also bought with savings while working as a real estate agent. It needed minor renovations.

Third: A triplex in the same area bought in 2012
This needed some work, but was in a great location – I sold my car to help fund this deal

Fourth: A Single Family Home bought in West Los Angeles in 2016
This was bought with several more years of savings as a real estate agent

Fifth: A duplex bought in mid-city in 2017
This was in a very central location, and is now known as “The $0 House” because I was able to cash out refinance my entire investment out from the property to re-invest elsewhere

Sixth: Another duplex bought in mid-city near Inglewood in 2018
This was bought because it was a great value, could be rented out with a possible 2nd bedroom, and was close to so many new developments and construction

Seventh: Cash Holdings / T Bills / Liquid Investments
This is while I’m searching for the next “big” investment

Eighth: Retirement Accounts
This includes Roth IRA / Sep 401k investments through a vanguard index fund

So there you have it – that’s my entire investment portfolio for you to see, and I really hope this was able to give you some insight as to how I manage my money, what I look for, and how I invest. It all starts from something small, finding work that you enjoy and pays well, living below your means, investing consistently, and…of course…do I need to say it?…smashing the like button.

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