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FIRST, CPI numbers are adjusted to consider the fact that, when prices rise…consumers might switch to less expensive alternatives as a way to save money…and, THIS SWITCH is calculated in the overall amount that’s shown here.

SECOND, in terms of housing – they base this on a metric known as “Owners’ Equivalent Rent.” This is obtained by asking homeowners: “If someone were to rent your home today, how much do you think it would rent for monthly, unfurnished and without utilities?”

Of course, that brings a MAJOR CONCERN that – home owners might not accurately KNOW what their home would rent for, and – it’s entirely dictated by an OPINION…NOT by actual data. For instance, in the latest CPI report, “owners’ equivalent rent of primary residence rose a solid 0.6%,” which would imply a 7.2% increase. Meanwhile, “ pegged year-over-year rent growth in March at 17%, while Zillow’s Observed Rent Index grew 16.8%.”

This is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT, because SHELTER makes up 1/3rd of the ENTIRE inflation index…and, if this number comes in LOWER…it dramatically skews the TRUE inflation we’re actually seeing. To show you JUST HOW MUCH…take a look at this chart, which compares the Schiller price index to that of “owners equivalent rent”…and you can see just how far apart they are.

AND FINALLY, THIRD…we have a metric called CORE INFLATION, that excludes food and energy…because, those are known to be more volatile based on outside factors…and, they’re also considered to be “Staple Items” that are consumed on a regular basis, regardless of how much they cost.

In this case, gas prices are up 50% year over year from increased demand and limited production…and, grocery prices were up nearly 12% year-over-year, reflecting the largest 12-month increase in 43 years….eggs were even up 32% from a year ago as a result of increased costs that get passed on to the consumer.

Point being…inflation numbers are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to calculate, because – even though there are ways to cut back and buy cheaper alternatives, truth be told…the actual number, for someone making no adjustments to their every-day living, IS substantially higher than what’s being reported.

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