WELCOME TO THE SUPER BOWL OF SOCIAL MEDIA (Social Media Marketing World 2018) // I had the privilege of hosting the live stage at Social Media Marketing World 2018 and got to sit down with the biggest experts in the social media marketing world. Naturally, I wanted to share all of their best advice with you, Boss. In this video:

– Lewis Howes’ advice on building a brand people love (hosts a top 100 podcast in the world)
– Jasmine Star’s best advice for engaging your Instagram audience (she has 224,000 followers)
– How The King of Random (9 million subscribers) built his YouTube channel OFF of YouTube
– Tim Schmoyer’s (Video Creators & YouTube genius) best advice for small youtubers in 2018
– Jenna Kutcher’s #1 tip for standing out in a crowded online space
– Jordan Harbinger explains why the audience is your boss (he has 4.1 million downloads of his podcast)
– Collins’ Key on staying focused in order to build your YouTube channel (he has the #1 family friendly channel on YouTube)
– Candace Payne AKA Chewbacca Mom on being defiantly joyful
– And Amy Porterfield on why you MUST be using webinars to grow your business!

Comment below with your favourite piece of expert advice!

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