The ULTIMATE Guide to Finding Profitable NFT's in 2022

This is a full in-depth tutorial and course on how to find profitable NFT’s to invest in for 2022! There are a lot of NFTs constantly being created with no legitimate aim, which has caused tons of people to lose money when investing. So, I decided to create this video and share how to find good projects to invest in that can hopefully make you money.

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Be sure to watch all the way through as I’ll be going over the risks, my checklist when it comes to finding which NFT’s are going to be profitable and not a rug pull, and other things you should know about NFT’s in general. I’ll also be taking you guys through case studies and some of the research tools I personally use when trying to find an NFT that will be profitable.

As always, be sure to do your own research and to not take any of this as financial advice. I’m not an expert and I don’t know everything, so I always recommend everybody to do a significant amount of additional research, whether it be in stocks, crypto, real estate, or in this case, NFT’s.

I’ve done the research on why some NFT’s make it, and why most NFT’s fail, and how you can pick the winners out of the haystack. My goal with this video is to give you guys an in-depth understanding of how you can do the research when it comes to the NFT space, which is fairly new. Tons of people nowadays will tell you to do the research, but they won’t actually tell you how you can do research, so I hope you learn something from this. This is my process of how to find good NFTs to buy.

Here are some of the tools mentioned in the video:

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Happy minting!



0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Overview
0:39 – What Are NFT’s
1:21 – The Risks
2:09 – Research Tools
3:47 – My Checklist
4:28 – Investing Process Illustration
4:37 – Rarity Tools
5:27 – Icy Tools
5:48 – WhoTwi
6:54 – What To Look For
7:02 – The Art
7:37 – EtherRock
8:14 – The Creator(s)
9:19 – The Social Media
9:50 – Twitter
10:29 – The Website
10:50 – Roadmaps
11:23 – Roadmap Example
12:11 – The Community
12:57 – Following The Right People
13:40 – The Demand
14:15 – Unique Selling Point
14:54 – Case Study #1
16:42 – Case Study #2
17:26 – Case Study #3
18:11 – Case Study #4
19:32 – The Best Platforms To Invest With
19:46 – Recap
20:56 – Outro


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