This is How to Respond When Life Tests You | Kute Blackson on Impact Theory

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Son of a charismatic miracle-worker, Kute Blackson could have inherited his father’s church. He could also have become the next Oprah Winfrey. But his intuition told him to find his own path. Now he devotes his life to helping other people find out who they really are, and experience true liberation. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Kute Blackson explains why we need to stop lying to ourselves, why truth is the most fundamental value, and how to reframe your negative feelings as gifts.


Kute explains how to get into a state of flow by getting out of your own way [2:58] Kute believes that there is an intelligence beyond the mind that breathes through us [4:28] Kute advocates that there is a level where we know everything [5:33] Kute explains how to develop your gifts [8:31] Kute describes liberation experiences [11:31] Kute explains why it’s important to embrace death and realize that life is temporary [15:10] Kute advocates that we keep ourselves stuck by lying to ourselves [22:35] Kute describes how your negative feelings are gifts [24:05] Kute shares the story of how he developed the courage to live his own life [26:19] Sometimes the real challenges show up when you find your purpose [27:41] Kute claims that life is actively trying to express itself through us [29:39] Tom discusses intuition and empathy, poetry and logic [31:46] Kute describes the process of unwinding the lies we tell ourselves [35:11] Kute advocates giving everything you have to the moment [36:40] Kute shares his story of how he turned down the best offer he ever got [41:15] Kute shares the impact he wants to have on the world [48:02]

“Who are you really? Are you this body? This body, every seven years, changes. Every seven years the cells change, they regenerate. So literally after seven years you have a totally different body. So are you just this body?” [18:00] “If we want to be free we have to be willing to be ruthlessly, compassionately honest with ourselves.” [23:23] “Many times we go to God or whatever we believe and we pray, ‘God help me!’ And God says, ‘Go tell the truth. Don’t come to me. Go tell the truth!” [23:36]



“You Are the One” [2:32]
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