TOP 4 Criteria before Buying a Penny Stock with Small Trading Account! $CGIX $APDN $PSTV $KERN

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0:59 Criteria 1 & 2- Premarket above average volume analysis, daily chart $NSYS $VLRX $CLSN
3:29 Daily chart analysis- historical behavior, dilution chart $TRNX $PSTV $APDN
6:07 Criteria 3 – Low float stocks, key to finding penny stock runners $BPTH $SES
8:31 Criteria 4- Potential penny stock dilution, reading SEC filings $CGIX $PSTV $APDN

There are 4 KEY things you must look out for before buying a Penny Stock gapper that could potentially run… This is crucial especially if you’re trying to grow a small trading account!

FOUR KEY CRITERIA before buying a penny stock gapper
1. Stock has to be trading with above average volume premarket
-Penny stocks gap up on thin air will not hold, and will most likely sell off at the open.
-You need unusual trading volume to push the stock

2. Daily chart
-We need to see the daily chart has a lot of upside for the stock to run
-Do your planning and draw support and resistance levels on the stock
-Daily chart will also tell you the past behavior of a penny stock, whether if can hold the gap and continue for multiple days… or sell off after each run
▶️How to draw support and resistance lines

3. Low float
-Stock float is the amount of shares outstanding to be publicly traded.
-Floats under 5 million are usually most likely to spike and run when there is above average volume
▶️How to Day Trade Low float stocks

4. Potential offering and dilution on penny stocks
-It’s crucial to read SEC filings on the penny stock gap ups to see if there are overhead selling pressure
-Most penny stocks have down trending charts due to past reverse splits, offerings, and pumps
-Reading SEC filings for penny stocks can save your trading account! Examples are $PSTV $APDN $CEI $YRIV
▶️How to read SEC Filings for Penny Stocks

How to find & buy Penny Stock Runners 2019? Reverse Split Strategy
How to grow a small Account Day Trading?

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