What You Need to Be the Best | Nastia Liukin on Impact Theory

Nastia Liukin became a five-time Olympic medalist and tied for the third-highest tally of World Championship medals by any U.S. gymnast all before retiring in her early 20s. However, it was facing the lowest and most embarrassing moments of her career that taught her what it truly means to be great. Nastia shares why strong character helps you win in sports, and in life on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Nastia explains what drives her to defy expectations. [3:28] Nastia talks about the role of belief in pursuing your dreams. [13:04] Nastia and Tom discuss her life after retiring from gymnastics at 22. [22:45] Nastia gives advises to kids pursuing a passion. [34:48] Nastia reveals the impact she wants to have on the world. [41:05]
“People are always going to roll their eyes when you tell them your dream or your goal, and I think what I realized throughout my career, and continue to realize is that those dreams and those goals are within reach, and they’re just at the tip of our fingertips if we really want to do it.” [4:53]
“If you have this burning desire inside of you, and you’ll know what that feels like if you have it, then you just need to go full force and kind of block out all the negativity and everything else that is around you telling you that you can’t do it.” [35:55]
“Failure or from disappointment, that’s where character builds.” [39:50]
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