Why I think you need to grow your personal brand to grow your business

My lecture about growing business and growing your personal brand at Draper University. How we started LinguaTrip, how we got accepted into 500 Startups and moved to the USA, how I started on YouTube and how it helps to grow our business, how to grow on Instagram in 2019 and much more in this video!
Time codes:
00:46 – how we were trying to grow our startup back in 2015
01:44 – how we got into 500 Startups
05:09 – how we actually gained profitability
7:02 – about my first video on YouTube
8:00 – using my personal brand to grow my business
8:43 – about all my YouTube channels and Instagram blog
9:53 – the best advice for those who want to start on YouTube
10:20 – the main purpose people come to YouTube
10:50 – my speech back in 2016
12:00 – about the importance of choosing niche topics
12:37 – about a crisis on liguamarina channel in 2017
13:49 – why I’m separating my personal brand and company’s brand now
14:55 – my advice for those who are going to move to the USA and start a business
15:43 – about motivating environment around you
17:29 – about organic reach and growth on YouTube
20:11 – do collabs really work?
20:25 – trying a click-baiting stuff
21:00 – how I got 1 million views and 200K subs in 1 month
22:08 – how I manage 80 people in Linguatrip and creating videos for 3 YouTube channels
22:54 – delegating is a must
23:09 – this is the goal for everyone’s life
24:23 – about easy to launch products
25:05 – how I launched the course «How to start a YouTube channel»
25:32 – these guys can help with editing your videos for free
26:12 – why we were got accepted into 500 Startups
27:47 – minimalism as a lifestyle
29:22 – just one and only metric for a content that you produce
30:50 – how to grow on Instagram in 2019
31:57 – about the business dependence on social media
32:59 – does YouTube really care how often you post videos?
34:23 – my followers are the best!

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