Why LOGAN PAUL is a Genius (His New YouTube Strategy)

How has Logan Paul changed and found redemption on YouTube? Is he really a YouTube genius or is he just copying David Dobrik?

In this video we will get to the bottom of how Logan has managed to grow so fast on YouTube, despite suffering a major setback. If you want to start a YouTube channel, Logan Paul has a few lessons to learn from!

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Video Notes

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of Logan Paul, his content just isn’t my style, it always been too fast paced with too much things breaking for my liking. So, when he posted that video in Japan back in 2017, I thought, that’s the end of him anyway. I remember saying to myself, there’s no way he’s coming back from this.

But he’s proved me wrong and here are 4 factors behind his growth on YouTube in 2020.

1 – Logan Paul is beating the youtube algorithm, again. This is is helping him grow and get more views every day. He is doing this through better thumbnails and titles on his videos.

2 – Logan packs a punch with his content. Logan’s content is similar to David Dobrik’s now. Much shorter and to the point. This really helps keep his watch time and retention high. Almost all of Logan’s new videos are around 4-7 minutes long, this is a huge shift away from the 15 minute plus vlogs he used to make and let me explain why it’s working to his advantage.

3 – Logan has been humbled. Enough said. The KSI fight and his podcast really helped. People are starting to like him again. You can have the best strategy in the world, but your camera presence on youtube is crucial to success and getting more subscribers

4 – Logan has realized the power of doing good. Is he trying to emulate Mr Beast? He is putting out positive content into the world unlike some of his content in the past.

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video

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