Why Millennials Are Financially Screwed (AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT)

The system is stacked against us, but there ARE things we can do about it. A couple reasons why millennials are the “financially screwed” generation: student loans, housing, governments printing money and keeping rates low which raises asset prices, etc. But at the same time, we have access to a lot more opportunities that previous generations could never have dreamed of, so here are some of my tips on how to take lemons and turn it into lemonade:

00:01:20 – Why are millennials “financially screwed”?
00:08:05 – Tip #1: Create a life you never want to retire from
00:10:15 – Tip #2: Take advantage of tax-free accounts
00:12:05 – Tip #3: Start investing
00:14:10 – Tip #4: Don’t get into tons of debt for school
00:16:15 – Tip #5: Adopt a minimalist mindset
00:17:50 – Tip #7: Vote!


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